Rochester Made For Living


Rochester Made For Living is a promotional campaign intended to highlight the stark contrast between our city and those made for dying. Oddly enough, there are several cases of suicides linked with people visiting the Made for Living website, and then killing themselves. (The original author thought this was funny, but the joke is just really lame.)

Also see: IRBIR, VisitRochester


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2006-01-08 13:33:50   I almost cired when I went to the website. It's so corny, and vacous it makes me ashamed of Rochester. I refuse to believe someone actually paid money for that website. —FarMcKon

2008-04-01 21:46:21   Apparently the designer of this site is stuck in the 90s, as evidenced by the phrase "kicking back" being used to describe the leisure section. Wonder if they also still say "knocking boots" and listen to Bell Biv Devoe... —RochesterRed

2008-11-19 17:41:11   They have three Dining Out Listings - GRVA Member Restaurants, The D&C Guide, and OUR Restaurants page.

The top level menu listed items - item 1 gets a Page Cannot be Found, Item 2 gets an Error 404

The Live Music second level menu has nine entries - one goes to a wrong website, two go to Domain for sale links and Jazz links to a Blog that has not been updated since 2006

I stopped at that point. Maybe I will send them an email.

2008-11-20 10:21:28   Made for Leaving. (I have left 3 times...but come back.) —BadFish