Ronald McDonald House

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333 Westmoreland Drive, Rochester NY, 14620 [Directions]
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585 442 5437 / 585 442 7330
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Rochester's Ronald McDonald House is a conveniently-located Nonprofit service for families of sick and injured children being treated at area hospitals to get a good night's sleep and much-needed emotional and logistical support. Their 333 Westmoreland facility has room for 20 families, as well as spacious common/recreation areas and a three-station kitchen. They also operate a facility at the Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong, with room and facilities for up to 7 families to stay within the hospital itself.

They solicit volunteers, both individuals and groups; their Make a Meal program allows volunteer groups to plan, prepare, and serve meals (breakfast or evening) at the house. They have a full kitchen for your group to use in the task.


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2009-08-16 08:07:12   Had the pleasure of participating in the Make A Meal program back in 2002 with my Fairport Lions Club group. Our visiting children and grandchildren also participated, they were quite impressed with the opportunity to "serve". —BradMandell