Penfield Symphony

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1587 Jackson Road, Penfield, NY 14526 [Directions]
585 872 0774
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The Penfield Symphony is a nonprofit local community of musicians in Penfield who perform regularly. They typically have 6 performance events per year.

The PSO is currently looking for board members to serve on the board. Members must have the time and energy to dedicate to assisting on various fundraising and music coordination committees. Qualified members should have some business experience and an interest in symphonic music. Please contact PSO for information about board member positions if you believe you are qualified.


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2012-04-23 16:17:08   About 2-3 years ago, I had the misfortune of hearing this group at the Hochstein. They were supporting the rochester Oratorio Society on a concert, so I assumed that they were at least slightly professional. Unfortunately, they STUNK! I mean, the orchestra I was in back in 8th grade could hold a steadier note! When they played Bach, it sounded like somebody torturing a stray cat! Holy crap, were they awful!!And, it was quite obvious that it was mostly the string section that couldn't find a good note (although the brass section was similarly awful). My sister was a member of this group something like 30 years ago, and back then they weren't THIS bad! And to think we had to PAY to listen to such awful music. I've heard 1st year Suzuki classes that were better than the string section of this orchestra. Even the Portsmouth Synfonia was better, even at their worst! —Alex-C

2013-07-29 21:09:43   All I can say about the previous review is that it sounds like it was an unofficial PSO event. I have had the pleasure of hearing the PSO perform several times, and believe me they are very professional and they sound amazing. I would strongly encourage the previous reviewer to go to one of the PSO's formal concerts for a more accurate judgement. —Joslin

2013-07-30 13:13:58   Not after my ears were assaulted as badly as they were back then. I'm no glutton for punishment. It was a widely advertised concert with the Oratorio society in the summer. Perhaps they only had 'second string' musicians for that concert, but I can safely say that I have NEVER heard Bach's "Aire on a G-string" played as poorly as it was that night. It was beyond bad, it was appalling! I think that fingernails on a chalkboard make better sounds than the PSO made that night. —alex-c