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2006-08-03 13:19:28   I put a warning on some links that are PDF's. I don't know if most people think it's needed but generally, on my Windows really, I try to shy away from PDF's. —RickUrwin

2006-11-13 12:09:26   Can anyone recommend a decent bike shop for a new bike? I am looking to spend up to $300. I would mostly be using the bike on the canal. —JasonWilder

2006-11-13 18:04:34   Locally. I would reccomed towners. Online. try; or [WWW], I purchased a motobecane hard tail from this ebay shop. Very satisfied. —MrPhil

2007-01-12 09:49:45   The biking page should probably be renamed "cycling" or "bicycling" to remove any confusion with motorcycles —EricLarsson

2007-02-18 16:19:54   It is important for bikers to remember that it is illegal to bike on foot paths in Rochester City Parks, per City Parks Code. You can be ticketed. Please don't give all us bikers a bad name by being irresponsible. —JamesMichael

2009-05-29 23:12:36   Hey, everyone check out [WWW]http://www.rocrider.comJordanBommelje

2009-11-12 11:40:07   Amazing that this site discusses bike safety, especially in "mixed use" environments, without mention of the fact that a "bell or other audible warning DEVICE" is required on every bicycle used on public streets [Vehicle and Traffic Law sec. 1236(b)]. This is no small matter - yet most cyclists wilfully ignore this fundamental accident-prevention rule. "On your (pick whichever side you want that person to jump)" is not only legally deficient, it is functionally deficient because voices can be indistinct, confusing and too late (waiting until person is "in range")and, most importantly and unlike a bell, a voice "warning" is in effect a command telling the person an ambiguity (should he jump "to the right" or are you passing "on the right". A bell simply says "I am comng, please clear the way" without any ambiguity.... if the person moves to the right (most common) the bike passes on the left, other wise vice versa. No industry, no military, no insurance company, etc. would ever rely on vagaries and ambiguities of verbal warnings. So, if you wear a helmet for your own safety, be consistent and buy the bell required by statute (about $3) for the safety of others. If you don't, and you injure somebody, you're in the legal soup in the expected lawsuit. And stop lecturing others on safety............... —JohnMansour

2009-11-21 02:00:57   JohnMansour - from my search I believe I'm the only person on here who has any edits that refer to "mixed use paths." I imagine you are referring to me and the safety concerns I wrote about in the Bike Commuting page. I think I gave it a pretty fair writeup, mentioning the importance of audio cues when passing fellow path users. But you are quite welcome to edit that or any other article to your heart's content! That's the beauty of RocWiki - you can edit anything anyone else has written about something! I invite you to correct the article, it could use more people's perspective. —AdamDurand

2010-04-05 22:23:43   Hi, I'm looking for long-distance bikers for rides around Rochester 20->40 miles round trip, 10->15 mph avg. I've posted on Any other ideas for places to post? Thanks.

Also, I think this forum would be more efficient if the later posts were listed on the top of the page. —BillFerny