Captain Tony's Pizza & Pasta Emporium

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385 Winton Road North, Rochester, NY 14610 [Directions]
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585 482 8430
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Captain Tony's Pizza & Pasta Emporium is a pizzeria on North Winton Road.


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2011-04-17 17:06:10   We ordered several pizzas recently from here and the Mexican style was really good. With a $15.99 price tag, the large should be at least 16 inches as is normal. The pizza box itself only measured 14 inches. Looked like a medium to me. We live right around the corner and our deliveries have always arrived piping hot. Crust is a bit spongy, but not bad. Pricy, but good. —selfclaimedcritic

2011-09-02 18:59:02   Not bad! Crust is a bit like a pan, and the pizza is greasy, but the flavor is very good. Try the pre-set topping arrangements; they are quite good, especially the hawaiian with cheddar and olives. —SargtGrumbles

2012-07-03 19:16:24   Pizza is ok but similar to frozen pizza. I do hate that they cut the circular large pizza into squares though. It doesnt make sense! —jcs3636

2016-04-15 04:05:42   I'm almost 90% sure they buy their food from like Tops or Wegmans —doobie585