Jackson's Bakery

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Location Jackson1.jpgJackson's Bakery, 3-2009
614 Stone Road, Rochester NY, 14616 [Directions]
Hours (as of November 2008)
Tuesday - Friday: 8:00AM to 6:00PM
Saturday: 8:00AM to 4:30PM
Sunday & Monday: Closed
585 663 7634
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Jackson's Bakery is a bakery located near Trianos Meat Market on Stone Road in Greece.


Jackson2.jpgThese look good :-) , 3-2009 Jackson3.jpgLove the old bakery string dispensers above the counter, 3-2009


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2008-05-30 14:41:59   they have the best cakes in rochester!! —windyholley

2008-09-01 22:30:29   One of the best bakeries in Rochester. Nothing really fancy, just great cakes, and other baked items made with old fashion recipes. —carolturo

2008-09-02 11:23:10   Jackson's banana cream pie is fantastic —NathanHenderson

2009-03-14 15:45:56   A real neighborhood bakery straight out of the 1950's (40's maybe?) great service, wonderful goodies. It's a bit of a trek for us but we go anyway. A real neighborhood business that deserves your support. —DottieHoffmann

2010-03-03 18:07:45   Nice local bakery. Love the chocolate cake, smily face cookies, and bread. You can't go wrong with anything in the shop. —nickelcokes

2010-09-26 19:21:42   the best-EVER! Their smile cookies are a family tradition, the lemon merangue pie, you won't find ANY that beats it, including your own homemade! the cakes are awesome, the cookies taste homemade, butter cookies to die for, and eclairs stuffed with vanilla custard and topped with thick chocolate frosting. It smells delicious even walking thru the door. Thanks Jack et al for years of wonderful service and product, looking forward to many more to come —LaurieStrole

2011-10-25 14:51:21   Have loved this place since the 80's when I went in there with my parents. Birthdays always had a Jacksons chocolate cake. Now I bring my kids in there for the frog cupcakes just like I got when I was their age. —NRudow