Maurice E. Silver

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Birth name Aliases
Maurice E. Silver None
Birth date Birth place
July 28, 1909 Info Needed
Date of death Place of death
April 26, 1974 Miami Beach, FL
Known for
Saving professional baseball in Rochester.
President and General Manager of the Red Wings
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Maurice E. Silver, AKA Morrie Silver, is credited with saving professional baseball in Rochester. The organization's past president and general manager, he organized the 1956 stock drive for community ownership of the Red Wings. Silver was the majority stockholder of Rochester Community Baseball, Inc., from 1956 until his death in 1974. Red Wing Stadium was re-named to Silver Stadium in his honor in 1968.

Morrie Silver was inducted into the [WWW]Rochester Red Wings Hall of Fame in 1989.

A [WWW]Statue of Morrie Silver sits outside of Frontier Field.