Rochester Candlelight Ghost Walks

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Rochester Candlelight Ghost Walks and Rochester Murder Mystery provide ghost walks and guided tours of area said to be associated with the supernatural around Rochester.


Flower City Ghost Walk - Discover why Highland Park is home to hundreds of ghosts, and how old South Road made Rochester an integral part of the underground railroad. Friday & Saturday nights following the Lilac Festival.

Ghosts of Mt. Hope Avenue Ghost Walk - Unique true tales of encounters with some of Mt. Hope Cemetery's ghostly residents.

Spirits of Sea Breeze Ghost Walk - Stories include ghosts of The Reunion Inn, Sea Breeze Fire Department, and more.

Lady In White Ghost Walk - Tales of true encounters with Rochester's infamous "Lady in White".

Phantoms of Fairport Ghost Walk - Learn about Fairport's own ghostly residents and unique history. Fairport Town Hall, Main Street.

Haunts of Henrietta Ghost Walk - Learn about life on the old South Road and hear tales of the ghosts of the old carriage shop, fire department, The Cartwright Inn, and more. West Henrietta Road (15) and Erie Station Road.

Dinner and Ghost Stories at The Reunion Inn - Have you ever dined in a haunted house? Includes a seance-style circle to contact the spirits of the old Bradstreet home!

Friday the 13th Spookout - Camp out in a haunted location.


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2011-10-08 12:42:22   What a rip off! Went on the 10PM Terror tour. We had a total group of about 25 people on this tour. I had been informed via email from this touring company that if the tour had over 10 participants that the cost per person would only be $10. The tour guide still charged everyone $20. For $20/person I was expecting something magical. Instead I received something A LOT less than that. It was a tour on the side walk spoken through a megaphone - a tour that only walked about 2-500 yards down 1 single block. The guide gave us some history and background about the graveyard and a couple of ghost stories, but that's about it. They let us play with dousing rods at the end of the tour, but that was the only thing worth-while. I'm still trying to figure out where the "terror" part figured in? The only people in costume were the ones leading the tour. This was really a $5-10 tour. The guides just took advantage of the customers. For $20, they should have additionally provided cider, donuts, a pamphlet with some background info, and/or a t-shirt that said “I survived the Mt. Hope Cemetery Ghost Walk”. End note: Don't waste your time or money. They obviously took advantage of us. If you want the real deal, do an actual tour through Mt. Hope cemetery through the cemetery directly. —BurbsGal

2012-02-26 17:12:21   Ghostly Greetings BurbsGal,

We apologize that your experience with our tours was less than magical. Did you inform the guide that you had been approved for a special rate? The guide will gladly honor the rate given to you by email, but you have to notify them at the walk before anyone in the group pays. Our Terror Walks were in their first year in 2011 (started based on customer requests) and clearly need some refining. We do utilize a megaphone towards the end of the season as the tours get quite packed and we want to make sure everyone can hear the instructions, history, and ghost stories well. Our Terror Tours involve using real ghost hunting equipment, as well as actors that jump out or re-enact certain scenes. In larger crowds, it is possible to miss some of the actors or scenes, especially when in larger groups we see people spread out or lagging behind. We will definitely take your comments into consideration as we plan our 2012 season. We don't want you to be disappointed, so please accept our offer of 2 FREE tickets to any of our 2012 walks, tours, or dinners, plus a group rate of only $5 for up to 8 additional guests. Please email us to confirm you accept this offer by replying to the email conversation we had about $10 discount tickets from last year and mentionting "Wiki - BurbsGal." We hope you'll give us another chance in 2012, and we'll do our best to make the experience much more terrifying!

Happy hauntings,

The ghouls at Rochester Candlelight Ghost Walks —rcgw