The Cat Doctors

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Former Location
1805 Penfield Road, Penfield, NY 14526 [Directions]
Status (as of 2019)
Merged with Cats and Critters

The Cat Doctors Veterinary Hospital was established to offer high quality feline medicine and surgery, always mindful of the unique medical and emotional needs of cats. They merged with Cats and Critters in 2019.


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2009-05-28 08:31:40   We've used the Cat Doctors since they opened up in Penfield, both for their vet services and boarding our cats while on vacation. We've been very, very pleased with the service! Both of the doctors are wonderful, compassionate people. —RichMulvey

2010-02-25 10:43:05   I brought my recently adopted stray cat here and I could not have been more pleased with this business. The staff were polite and obviously passionate about cats. The vet took the time to have several in depth conversations about my cat's health and we covered everything from healthy gums, flea/worm prevention, diet, and introducing new cats to each other. I was given a cat dental sample kit and many pamphlets on all the previously mentioned topics. During the exam, the vet noticed my cat's bladder was full so a litter box was brought into the room and my cat was given some time to use it. Also, while we were waiting for her FIV and Feline Leukemia test results (which were negative), she was given generous portions of wet food. The cat was scanned for a microchip and she had her tummy shaved to be sure that she didn't have a scar from previous surgery. Overall the service was excellent, informative and this is an establishment that will care about your pet as much as you do. Highly recommended. —AmyW

2014-02-14 08:53:48   We have brought our cat here who was older and had a lot of health problems. He had been a stray on the street that we took in, so solving these problems was a lot of detective work. Dr. Sanders was absolutley fantastic and great to work with. She sent us detailed email reports after appointments which were great if only my husband or I could make the appointment. She was great at listening to us, helping solve our cats problems and doing it all within our budget. Sadly we had to move away and will really miss bringing out cat to The Cat Doctors!