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The Students' Association (SA) is the undergraduate led governing body of the University of Rochester. Similar to the United States Federal Government, the SA is divided up into three branches: the Senate (Legislative), the President and Vice President (Executive), and the All Campus Judicial Committee (Judicial). All of their work is performed in the student union, Wilson Commons. Each of these three branches perform essential tasks to maintain the progress of the SA.

The Senate's purpose is to guide and scrutinize the work of the SA. Senators are elected for one-year terms by members of the SA. A candidate can run to represent either their class year alone or at-large to represent the student body as a whole. Beneath the Senate operate several standing committees. They include Appropriations, Communications, Policy and Review, and Projects and Services. The Appropriations committee manages and defines the budget of the SA. Communications relays SA notices and accomplishments to the student body. Policy and Review helps to write and define the ruling laws of the SA and all student groups. Projects and Services works to achieve tangible change for all undergrads.

The President and Vice President set the policies that the SA are to achieve over the course of the academic year. They help to manage all the committees run by the Senate and act as the voice of the SA. They have the authority to veto any policies passed through the Senate but only have exercised that right in extreme or unique circumstances.

The All Campus Judicial Committee (ACJC) works first and foremost on enforcing the disciplinary policies of the University. In addition to that duty, ACJC has the capacity to interpret the laws of the SA when they are called into question. Due to confidentiality agreements between ACJC and those accused of violation of disciplinary policy, most of ACJC's work is done in private.

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