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This page is for archiving comments prior to 2008 for Flavors of Asia

2005-11-12 15:35:32   Great restaurant. Highly recommended. The waitress who served me the last time I was there was unbelievably hot, too. —JayUnnikrishnan

2006-04-17 04:34:16   The waitress IS unbelievably hot... oh and the food is amazing too. —BridgetteTaylor

2006-08-29 12:38:48   One of my favorite restaurants. —AdamDurand

2006-09-18 14:17:14   I've only eaten there twice and both times the dishes I ordered were superb. Definitely worth regular visits. Side comment: It is located where Lorraine's Food Factory used to be back when she served edible food. —ZedOmega

2006-09-18 18:27:49   I have never been dissapointed in the flavor and quality of the food, though sometimes the wait at the table is a bit long. I love both the vermicelli bowls and the sticky rice with mango. Prices are low and the decor is nice. —EllenKelsey

2006-10-20 12:39:04   I love this place. The menu features Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai choices as well as dim sum. The service is friendly and the food is great. —RachelBlumenthal

2006-11-05 20:27:55   This has become my wife and my favorite asian restaurant. A good variety of different asian foods which are very tasty. —ScottHendler

2006-12-21 11:18:02   I usually come in for Dim Sum, but the entrees are well done too. I like the turnip cakes with egg and scallion from the dim sum menu, and the tom yum soup (warning - it packs a wallop). —EastSideStephen

2007-03-02 13:34:53   Delicious! Each of the dishes I have tried here have been satisfying and flavorful. It takes pan-asian cuisine up a notch. —BenMargolis

2007-03-07 11:17:33   This place has the best fried squid in town. —KeithSimmons

2007-03-09 09:52:10   Great little restaurant as it offers all kinds of eastern choices, most notiably Thai, american Asian and Sushi. —TravisOwens

2007-03-11 00:37:27   Hugely overrated. I've had a number of friends recommend this place. Sadly, this is average Chinese food (at best), dressed in a fancy logo. —WegmansFiend

2007-05-11 00:27:01   I have tried a few dishes here. Mostly, they left much to be desired.

The beef they use in their pho is of a very cheap quality. Their scallion pancakes were dense, heavy and greasy - they are supposed to be lighter and flaky. I also tried a Thai chicken dish. The chicken looked rather suspect...almost as if it was overcooked?

On a positive note, I tried one of their Chinese beef dishes and the sauce was quite good. Sadly, the beef was still crappy.

I have only been here twice so these might be isolated incidents. —OneLove

2007-10-03 16:57:10   It's a Vietnamese family restaurant, kind of small, so I would not necessarily trust their "chinese" part of the menu. I like their Pho with beef (as opposed to chicken version), and the fresh shrimp rolls - those are excellent! The scallion pancakes are pretty bad, I agree. —XenonIce

2007-12-30 17:01:22   We're never unhappy when we go here. The menu is varied with some Dim Sum, some Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai. I guess with such a wide variety there are bound to be a couple things on the list that might not be up to par. We tend to do a little Dim Sum as an appetizer, and then go for Vietnamese or Thai for the meal. We've enjoyed the Pho but can't claim to be Pho experts. We do like all the varieties of the Bun (noodle salad) and the rice dishes (Com) are always good too. Service has always been pleasant, no complaints there. This is a nice choice for a group where not everyone wants the same thing, or some in the group are not as adventurous, they can stick to the familiar Chinese dishes, and others will have varied options. —DottieHoffmann