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Sound Control
Mykel Nitro
Phil Tharp
Eric Pinales
Sean Jacoby
Active Since
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Sound Control is a Subvert-Rock band formed in Greece in March 2015 by Michael Nitro. The group formed specifically to record Nitro's first solo album, Children of The Worm, with him on lead vocals, bass, and drums, Phil Tharp on guitar and vocals, and Dan Nordquist on lead guitar. Instead, Nitro and Tharp began writing new material that would replace all the songs on the Children of The Worm album. Originally a 10 track album, only two songs from the original 10 (1991 and Blow Up Palestine) were used on the band's debut EP. The group changed it's name from Michael Nitro and the Children of the Worm to Sound Control in November 2015.

The following month, Dan left the group and was replaced by ex-Spika guitarist Eric Pinales. Spaz Spaziani of Lupis and Intrinsic was added on drums along with Ryan Hurley, also from Intrinsic, and the Bygone Few. Sound Control played it's first show on February 12, 2016 at the California Brew Haus. They also released their debut EP "Residual Meltdown: The Plan To Eradicate All Human Existence" at this show. In March, Nitro announced the release of Eric, Ryan, and Spaz from the group, explaining that the three were only meant to be "live members" of Sound Control. In May, Nitro recruited Michael Pinales, also from Spika, to record bass on the band's debut studio album.

Sound Control entered Arrhythmia Studios with Micah Etzel to begin work on the very first album. They recruited Dan Nordquist to come back specifically to record leads on the album and play one show. He agreed to both stipulations and in July 2016, Jon Bishop joined the band to play a show at Monty's Krown on August 26th with the Primitive Screwheads. Michael Nitro's brother, and Intrinsic co-founder, Alex Bellanca also joined for the show. Nitro says "I hope this line-up sticks. I hope these guys want to continue in [Sound Control]. I love jamming with [Alex] and me and Phil have written some pretty cool shit. Jon and Mike are an incredible rhythm section and I would love for them to stick around too. They seem to enjoy the music so far and we gel with them. Sound Control would be an incredible machine if this line-up sticks. Who knows though, only time will tell... either way, I'm looking forward to the future for the first time in a long while".


Studio Album(s)

The Hounds of Justice
November 11, 2016


Residual Meltdown: The Plan To Eradicate All Human Existence
February 12, 2016


Current Members

Michael Nitro - Vocals (2015-Present)
Phil Tharp - Guitar & Vocals (2015-Present)
Alex Bellanca - Guitar (2016-Present)
Michael Pinales - Bass (2016-Present)
Jon Bishop - Drums (2016-Present)

Past Members

Dan "Nuke" Nordquist - Lead Guitar (2015, 2016)

Past (Live) Members

Eric "Mr. E" Pinales - Lead Guitar (Feb 2016)
Ryan Hurley (Feb 2016)
Spaz Spaziani (Feb 2016)

Associated Acts

The Bournes


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