The Rochester Kink Society

Private meetings are held at a non-disclosed location.
Workshops and parties are Saturday afternoons and evenings.
Other events vary.
585 234 5295
Web Site

Officially Rochester Kink Society, Ltd., RKS is a members-only 501(c)(7) social group to discuss and educate others in fetishes of many forms or types. The group was formed in the mid-90s, originally meeting at Village Gate Square and loosely affiliated with the now-defunct Rochester Custom Leathers. Now independent, the group sports 150+ members and maintains a 5,500+ square foot "dungeon" for parties, presentations, social events, and other activities. RKS has two major contingents: "TNG" (the next generation), for members 18-35, and Kink Classic, for members 35 and up. Most events target the full membership, but a few are for only one of these subsets. The RKS is open to all sexual orientations.

RKS also several public social events each month, including a luncheon at Jay's Diner, a social evening at California Brew Haus, and others; a full listing is available on the RKS website. Those interested in joining should attend one of these events to introduce themselves. Price of membership is $55 for three months.

Members-only events include workshops which teach safety, negotiation, and technique relating to various fetishes; as well several parties monthly, providing an opportunity for members to practice their interests.

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2005-11-15 22:32:13   In the past they met at "Old Country Buffet" in Irondequoit. Seriously. —MariahBetz