Water Street Music Hall

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Water Street Music Hall.jpgConcert at Water Street Music Hall. Photo by [WWW]Mike Hanlon

204 North Water Street, Rochester NY, 14604 [Directions]
585 546 3887
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Originally called "The Country Warehouse" when it opened in 1978, the Water Street Music Hall went through several name changes throughout the years, until finally in 1991 it received its current name1.

The Water Street Music Hall is one of Rochester's largest venues for live music—it can hold about 800 people. It also has a smaller venue next door called The Club at Water Street. The Club can hold about 250 people, and houses smaller shows. Occasionally large events will be held on both sides.

Many famous and diverse acts have played at the Hall, including [wikipedia]Blues Traveler, [wikipedia]Glassjaw, [wikipedia]Maroon 5, [wikipedia]Nickel Creek, and [wikipedia]Rancid, just to name a few2.



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2007-09-26 23:16:06   I saw the [wikipedia]Ska is Dead Tour here had to be about three years ago. Pretty nice place. —JohnJoseph

2008-01-17 15:12:17   Club failed to notify patrons that artist cancelled show and took money at the door anyway. A sign would have been nice, but $18/piece for
unsuspecting patrons is nicer for the club. Thanks a lot. —PersonFace

2008-07-14 09:15:24   Saw Less Than Jake there last night. What is the deal with not having anywhere to sit down? Even a couple chairs in a corner would have been nice. —BadFish

2009-05-12 13:30:35   Went here last week for a concert. The floor was caving in, and they had to move the concert and do it with no sound equipment. Didn't offer refunds to anyone, even though their facility falling apart caused the concert to really not even happen. —goldengirl217