A-S Contracting

223 Rogene St, Greece, NY 14616
585 353 0094
<albosley6969 AT gmail DOT com>

A-S Contracting is a local contractor. They do roofing, painting, and remodeling.


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2015-04-21 21:21:45   Back in 11/14 I had A-S Contracting do the following services, painted, plastered, and drywalled living room, dining room, and 2 stairways. Trimmed tree, roof repair, added support under floor, added vent in basement, added spout in bathtub, replaced partial crown molding, replaced a door, replaced 2 outlets, and added a ceiling fan.

End result, paint is cracking, chipping, bubbling, fading, and old color bleeding through and color uneven because they used one coat of paint and didn't prime. Paint on the floor, stairs, sofa, and thermostat. Door was not painted and left with dirt and blue paint streaks on it. Many walls still need to be plastered, puttied, and/or caulked. Piece of crown molding broken and replacement does not match at all. 2 outlets they installed don't work. When the porch light is turned on it flickers and causes the lower stairway light to come on and flicker also. Was told by several other electrians this is a dangerous fire hazard. Upstairs stairway light doesn't work now. In addition, 2 of my son's bedroom outlets are now controlled by the light switch downstairs that controls the stairway light. The remains to the tree was suppose to be cut into smaller pieces and stacked in the backyard, so I could use it for campfires, but was left in large pieces. Roof and facial is rotten and was suppose to be replaced. They only put another layer of roofing on the roof, and nailed a board over the hole. Put bathtub spout on crooked. They left bags of garage and the old door on my patio. Broke basketball backboard and dented my new shed. Still waiting on total cost of damage, but over $2500 so far!!!! Go to their facebook, https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-S-Contracting/851269254907914?skip_nax_wizard=true and tell them how great they are!!!! —KerryLoughlin