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For a young organizition, A/V Space has a long history, beginning with its founding by Eastman School of Music graduate students under the name All Purpose Room. Many of us know the principals, their stories, and the issues behind the space. Though the Wiki need not be a repository for the many accounts, neither will sanitizing A/V's history here and disassociating it from its past remove the Wiki history of edits. Nor does it tell the police anything they don't already know. Gutting the entry, however, reduces the value of the Wiki.


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2006-01-25 01:35:06   The edit was not meant as a "sanitization"; rather it was an attempt to provide a more current, concise description of what A\V is at present for anyone who may be unfamiliar with the space. The history statement that was previously here was meant as a statement to clarify and explain our transition from All-Purpose Room to All-Purpose Arts and A\V, and is available on our website for anyone to read. We neither deny nor dwell on our past as APR. However, to make that history the focus of our wiki entry does not reflect our current mission and activities. We apologize if trying to present the most up-to-date, consistent information offended the Wiki. Though we have no desire to "dissociate" from our past, we have moved far beyond the drama of it, and are far too busy running the space to worry about who knows what about the founders. The edit was meant to provide clear, correct, and current information, nothing more. —TabineKotaro

2006-01-25 14:42:51   Tabine, thanks for the note. I'm delighted that someone is updating the page, but we (that is, wiki contributors in general) tend to be skeptical of removal of information. I think the best solution is to have your new info/content at the top, and restore a 'History' section below that. I'm restoring that now, and (if you have time) would like you to look over it, and make sure it seems fair in your opinion. I'd also love to have A/V adding it's events into our event listings! —FarMcKon

2008-09-14 13:47:56   I am wondering if the page should be renamed as it seems to break some "rules". Normally a page name with a forward slash (PageName/SubPageName) is a subordinate of the initial PageName. In this case the PageName "A" does not exist A gets you a request to create the page and clicking on the "A" portion in the top bar while in A/V stays on the page - try clicking on just he "A" above. On their website the company is variously referred to as A|V and A\V, but not A/V. Another issue is that I found this page by accident, thinking i would see a RocWiki page on Audio Visual.

The error message you get

Invalid pagename: the characters > < ? # [ ] _ { } | ~ " are not allowed in page names. Page names must be less than 100 characters.

I am wondering if we need some additional info on page naming conventions (not included above to avoid this (or other) issues.

Could we just rename it AV or A Slash V?