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2009-03-31 12:45:35   Is the ACT program related to CODIP? ([WWW] They seem to be very similar.

Also, the website linked to on the ACT Program page doesn't even mention the ACT program or "For the children". You have to mouseover the "Lists by Region:" navigation item, download the "Finger Lakes" pdf, and the website listed in that PDF doesn't even exist anymore, but it was on that site that I found the CODIP program. —AlexanderGartley

2009-03-31 13:50:16   I added the link to the resources pages. I did quite a bit of search drill down trying to find specific websites/pages to link to, but without any specific hits other than ones I put in the Notes and References list. —BradMandell

2009-03-31 13:57:22   Based on my reading, the CODIP is a school based program. There were some archaic search results to the childrensinstitute where they were working with the ACT program. It appears that the ACT Program is the only one certified to meet the specific goals by the NY courts. I had planned to integrate some 7th Judicial Court material (some info already in Rochester City Court, but got waylaid on other tasks. —BradMandell