ALOHA Brighton, Rochester


AlohaLogo.jpgDiscover the genius in your child AlohaPostcard.jpgDiscover the genius in your child

2425 Clover St, Rochester, NY 14618
Hours (as of May 2010)
Monday - Friday: 5:30PM to 7:30PM
Saturday: 8:45AM to 1:30PM
Sunday: Closed
585 704 4218
<brighton AT aloha-usa DOT com>

Introducing ALOHA - Abacus Learning of Higher Arithmetic. ALOHA is a teaching framework for training kids ages 5-12 to do mental arithmetic super quickly. It is an overall brain development program, that results in kids beating the calculator consistently and never fearing math anymore! The framework which is very popular in Asia, Canada and Australia and is starting in Rochester as of May 1st. We will be open from May 3rd to 14th between 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM. Call or stop by to get more information and for a Free No Obligations Workshop. Only one senior and one junior class with 12 students each offered. Classes start on the 8th.


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