Abandoned Hotel


Near the airport exit in Chili, Rochester there is an abandoned Holiday Inn that is fenced around the perimeter. This hotel was abandoned in 2019 so everything inside is relatively new. Five people have already been arrested for trying to get into this building. There is 24/7 security roaming the perimeter of the hotel if you happen to jump the initial fence. After sneaking around the entirety of the hotel we were able to find a way in after an hour of searching. However the police are heavily watching this building and have made many arrests already.

If you are looking to check it out I would recommend not pulling into the main entrance where the gate is, this is because there is almost always a security guard at the front with a car. You will need to park elsewhere down the street and walk in across a small river through the woods where you meet the first fence. After this you just need to find a way in. Once you get in you may think that you are safe, but there are motion sensors throughout the building (one being in the main lobby). Overall very cool to check out because of the condition that it is still in. Only being abandoned in 2019 makes this one of the coolest places to check out in Rochester. Highly recommend checking this gem out.