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2010-01-21 21:49:17   According to USGS Topographic maps, the actual name of the creek is "Allen Creek", but local usage leans heavily towards "Allen's Creek". —["Users/RichMulvey

2010-01-22 06:28:48   Based on searches we get three variations:

Allen Creek: Used by USGS in their [WWW]Water Quality Report and [WWW]Water Watch; in Allen Creek Elementary School, and Mapquest Terrain Map

Allens Creek: Allens Creek Road, Allens Creek Corbett's Glen Preservation Group, Allens Creek Family Optometry, The Park at Allens Creek, Allens Creek Valley Townhomes

Allen's Creek: Allen's Creek Family Optometry, and a [WWW]Vintage Views Postcard

I guess our page name corresponds to the Allens Creek Corbett's Glen Preservation Group (they bothered about the apostrophe with Corbett's}, the street name, etc. —BradMandell

2010-01-22 07:11:11   There are now redirects for Allen's Creek and Allen Creek (:>) —BradMandell