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2008-10-14 10:48:23   It appears that this page and quite a number of the pages which are linked subtopics of this page contain wikipedia appropriate information about the subject and not Rochester specific information. Some might view the pages and conclude it is an attempt to get as many links as possible which end in the providers. Were other providers of services to create similar tracks, it could be detrimental to RocWiki. A bit far out, but lets have Varnish, Shellac, Oil Based, Latex, Sandpaper, Liquid Sander, Hardwoods, lathes, dust catchers, etc from the woodworking folks. (:>} Recommend that this material be reorganized into a more compact form more appropriate to the "Rochester" Wiki.

2008-10-14 14:56:25   I disagree Brad. Alternative Medicine is a very specific list of individual treatments. Its on a whole different level than the analogy to the woodworking possibilities. I think using Wikipedia definitions keeps each one as uniform as possible. I do think each one needs to be as neutral to each of the the providers as possible. As I announced in the wiki mailing list Monday I am already in process of working that section —PeteB

2012-02-01 22:23:34   There really is no such thing as alternative medicine—only medicine that has been proved to work and medicine that has not. So I'm not saying it's BS, but it's BS. —DamianKumor

2012-02-01 23:12:14   I said that too until I went searching for alternative/holstic treatment to help me for certain issues...and they helped. —PeteB

2012-02-01 23:33:42   That's just anecdotal evidence —DamianKumor