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PO Box 23140, Rochester, New York 14692
585 325 1910
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Ambrosia Software is one of Rochester's oldest video game studios. They originally only made games for the Mac, though their Escape Velocity series has been ported to Windows. Additionally, they port Introversion (Uplink, Darwinia) games to the Mac and have made a handful of utilities for Mac users.


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2006-01-29 05:27:50   Escape Velocity Nova, the latest (and supposedly last) incarnation of the EV series is a surprisingly fun top-down shooter/rpg (I say rpg due to the heavy customization options you have for your ships and the numerous and detailed storylines). It's a free (shareware) download too. —ChrisGoodenbury

2010-05-24 10:33:03   I love Escape Velocity —DamianKumor