AMPUTHEATRE is a gruesome and violent game. Its gameplay suggests acts of slapstick violence including (but not limited to) impalement, dismemberment, and immolation between fictional and fantastic characters. Over the course of play, the game board will become littered with tokens designating blood, limbs, heads, and corpses. Still wanna play...?

Created by Rochester local, Gil Merritt, Amputheatre is a board game frequently played at Millennium Games and URSGA events. Up to eight people can play Amputheatre at a time, and can easily join a game in progress.

In Amputheatre, incarcerated mass murderers known as "Slashers" fight to the death against each other to receive a full government pardon from the game's sinister masters, the Evil Wardens. Each Slasher has an assortment of different punches, kicks, throws, grapples, and unique special attacks called "Evil Deeds". Attacks become more accurate and punishing against Slashers who are dismembered, prone, or restrained by other Slashers. Weapons and spells can be found and employed in combat, as well as deadly torture devices or "Traps".

Amputheatre uses 3 3/4" tall custom action figures as playing pieces. Each figure has a removable head and arms to signify damage in combat. The arms and heads are interchangeable, as the Slashers are easily able to graft each others' limbs to each other. All combat in Amputheatre is resolved by rolling dice, which sees "Blood Pools" deposited on the board via "Splatter Dice".

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Pictures below contributed by Gil Merritt with full permission to use on RocWiki:

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2011-05-19 19:14:31   info on upcoming dates/times for game sessions is posted on the amputheatre facebook page —portia356