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2009-08-04 13:18:46   I like the suggestion of linking some kind of Anti-Spam/No Advertising policy at the top of the page. There's some good material in the Style Manual on no advertising, but it also duplicates the Welcome Business Owners page. —RottenChester

2009-08-04 16:36:46   Thanks RottenChester, I agree that Style Manual, Welcome Business Owners, and Putting Your Business on RocWiki each contain part, with some duplication, of the story. I would be willing to take a crack at dealing with the issue if no one objects. My idea would be to create some common text that could be Included in each, so that the wording, coverage, etc are consistent. Maybe, in the process, I can have the same text Included into the Ant-Spam, no advertising pages. I wish that wiki links allowed the addition of Anchors - like  ["Style Manual#Business" Style Manual, Business] . —BradMandell