Arista Power

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Former Location
1999 Mount Read Boulevard, Rochester NY, 14615 [Directions]
Out of Business

Formerly known as WindTamer, Arista Power was the leading developer and manufacturer of renewable power solutions including Wind Turbine Power, Solar Energy, Micro-Grids and Power on Demand.

Their patented technology produced more power than traditional wind turbines for a faster return on investment. The vibration-free turbines worked well in a wider range of winds and heights, enabling them to be used in places such as rooftops and residential neighborhoods. The turbines not only provided green energy, they were also silent, safe for birds and less invasive than traditional turbines.

The Arista Solar solution offered an affordable, reliable, renewable energy solution for those seeking to reduce dependency on traditional fossil fuel and gain access to an efficient, clean energy solution.

Arista’s Mobile Renewable Power Station (MRPS) utilizeed power from two renewable energy sources: solar and wind. These two energy sources were often complementary and thus provided a more consistent flow of renewable energy. While the solar PV panels provided power during peak usage hours, wind can provide power throughout the day, and was often strongest when solar energy is not available.

Arista’s Power on Demand (PoD) solution was designed to reduce demand charges that can significantly increase utility bills for large users of electricity. This innovative, patent-pending system was designed to utilize energy generated by wind turbines and/or solar arrays, and also energy stored from the grid itself, to reduce peak electricity demand at the consumer level. The system could dramatically lower your utility bills and provides a Return on Investment (or payback period) that no stand-alone renewable energy system could match.


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