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2014-10-18 17:53:10   I'm not sure this qualifies as a "notable local person". A Google search on her reveals no evidence of any national or international following. Top Google results also seem to e self generated social media profiles or bot-generated information sites. Any news stories about her are the standard local coverage fair as linked about. I'd say she is (at this point in time) no more notable than anyone else who opens a retail business in Rochester. Is opening a business in Rochester enough to make you notable? —badfish

2014-10-18 17:56:00   Also, unless it has moved again, the retail business seems to have closed as there is a bakery listed on Facebook as being there now. —badfish

2014-10-19 10:23:26   We have a list of local designers on the Clothing Stores page. She's prominent locally, anyway. —EileenF