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NOTE: Sep 20,. 2008 I created the 2nd level Poetry for linking from Art and linked RocPoetry from it as suggested below BradMandell

NOTE: I have started an Art/Redesign page to begin work on a prototype regarding the issues raised below. I would normally dive in and start editing, but I thought such Top Level changes would be better with some review and agreement first. (I am learning (:>) BradMandell

The top level Art page is currently linked in from the following non-user pages.

As a first step, I suggest we immediately make the Art page a top level page discussing the Arts in Rochester and connecting to subordinate pages for topics. The current topic and links on the Art page for Crafts (such as Scrapbooking) should be subordinated to a Crafts page and to the Shopping pages.

Discussion on Organization
A quick look at the Art discussion in Wikipedia immediately shows some classification systems (and problems therewith) which we might use some form of to organize our pages and information better. There are discussions about the Fine Arts vs Crafts - may be a high-brow vs low-brow argument, but it is still a point to consider. The "Art" community is probably not ready for a "Scrapbooking' exhibition yet.

Visual Arts (primarily 2D)

Plastic Arts (primarily 3D involving materials) I removed some from Wikipedia that were above

Performing Arts

Language Arts

Some things I have not figured out

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