Atomic Swindlers

April Laragy: Vocals
Chris Yockel: Guitar
Mike Gladstone: Guitar
Gary Trainer: Bass
Johnny Cummings: Keyboards
Roy Stein: Drums
[wikipedia]Atomic Swindlers

The Atomic Swindlers is a local glam rock act that is arguably Rochester's best chance at breaking through in the music world thus far in the 21st Century. Or so I'm told by some people whose opinions I respect when it comes to music.

The Atomic Swindlers are a curious and listenable mix of 70's glam/progressive sounds like Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie and Genesis, 80's party rock like The B-52's and 90's alternative sounds. Their music is themed around the concept of a planet-hopping lesbian Star Girl, and all the songs talk about outerspace and aliens.

Album: Coming Out Electric

Track Listing:
1. Float (my electric stargirl)
2. Wonder Love
3. Space Bandit
4. Drag
5. Diamond Dream
6. Underground Love
7. Intergalactic Lesbian Love Song
8. Planet of a Thousand Lies
9. sex66
10. Jupiter's Falling
11. Empty Girl
12. Stars in My Pocket


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