Betty Meyer's Bullwinkle Cafe

Former Location
622 Lake Avenue, Rochester, NY 14613
CLOSED as of May 2007

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.


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2006-08-25 14:02:05   I can't believe I've never gone. Shame on me! —ZedOmega

2006-09-22 18:58:47   I highly recommend this place, in fact, visiting the Bullwinkle is a must!. The piano player knew any old tyme & classic theater song my wife could throw at her. —TravisOwens

2007-05-19 13:52:29   The piano player's name is Rosalyn and she rocks. —KathleenHc

2007-05-29 13:24:09   Bullwinkle's was mysteriously closed last Saturday (may 26th). No signs or anything, all of the stuff was still inside, but the lights were out and the doors were locked. Is this anomalous? —HeatherYager

2007-05-29 20:14:05   Well the 26th was Memorial day weekend, I'm not surprised it was closed. Although they should have put up a sign, I say try again. —TravisOwens

2007-08-21 09:10:58   It was closed last Saturday (August 18) as well. No signs or anything. Does anyone know if Bullwinkle's is still in business? —MollySaweikis

2008-03-11 12:10:24   i miss it so. bring it back! where else can i sing, "what is this thing called love" with live accompaniment and not get my ass kicked? —JamesKempkes

2008-06-08 11:48:50   This is a place I have loved for a while but on one sat night I found my self outside of this bar and no lights were on? can any one tell me if they are still open? —RebeccaMcCartney

2008-12-27 23:53:25   Your idiot comment about Betty's Brain proves that your are an ass hole. Betty is a brilliant musician who played for years with many big names, and on vaudeville. She was the first woman to get a liquor license in Monroe county. She is also good hearted enough to allow the Eastman House people to use her place for free, so you can keep your cruel comments to yourself creep. —destinymann

2008-12-28 10:35:03   destinymann I think you missed the subtle contexts of JayceLand's commentary. JayceLand never said anything disparaging in the review, in fact JayceLand went to Betty's place 2 nights in a row. Someone who did not like the place would not usually return the following day. And if you take offence at the comment about the photograph refering to the inside of Betty's mind, you are WAY to sensitive. The way I read JayceLand's commentary, the comment on the photo was a playful jab, not a cruel comment. —WilliamBorrelli

2008-12-28 10:38:01   And to add... If you do a search on JayceLand's page, you will find that JayceLand went to Betty's on MANY occasions. Not the typical actions of someone who does not like a certain place. —WilliamBorrelli

2008-12-31 10:17:15   Some of the bricks from Rattlesnake Petes were used to make the fireplace in Bullwinkles. Ray, the guy who ran the place for the last twenty years or so is related to Pete. Ray is now in a nursing home. I speak to Betty daily and she misses the place. Would anyone like to take it over? —destinymann

2009-01-02 10:17:24   Betty told me to say hi, and that she misses the beer joint and all of her nice little customers. It didn't matter if some one could sing only if they were having fun. I think about all of the fun times. —destinymann

2009-10-20 07:46:04   Building just went up for sale. —DavidGottfried

2014-09-22 11:57:44   Noted Betty's house was for sale and found the obit. —JasonOlshefsky