Bishop Bernard J. McQuaid


Birth name Aliases
Bernard John McQuaid Bishop McQuaid, President McQuaid
Birth date Birth place
December 15, 1823 New York, NY USA
Date of death Place of death
January 18, 1909 Rochester, NY
Known for
Early development of Dicocese of Rochester
President, Seton Hall University
Vicar General, Diocese of Newark, NJ
Bishop, Diocese of Rochester
[wikipedia]Bernard J. McQuaid

Bishop Bernard J. McQuaid was Rochester's first Catholic Bishop and is the namesake to McQuaid Jesuit High School. McQuiad was orphaned at age 4 when first his mother, then father died. He went from a NY City orphanage to Chambly College near Montreal, Canada. He returned Fordham University and was ordained January 16, 1848 in old St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City.

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