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2005-08-21 15:59:24   I think the 'local' is important to note, so this does not become a'just any' weblog. Or make sure local weblogs get their own section. —FarMcKon

2005-11-02 10:26:52   Hey all... not quite a local blog, so I'll post it in comments for a while ( is down and I feel like I need to post this). Neil Prakash (1st Lt.) is a 24-year-old tank platoon leader currently on duty in Iraq (and recently awarded the [WWW]silver star), who maintains a web log here: [WWW]ArmorGeddon. He's from Syracuse, and indeed we went to high school together before he went on to get a degree in Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins. From the most recent post: This isn't nearly as exciting as combat but I've tried to explain it before: Iraq is about 1% action; like Baqubah, Fallujah, or running into SGT Lizzie. The rest is 99% routine boredom. 90% routine is actually just missions in sector where nothing happens except maybe an IED blows up and we do our village assessments. Good stuff, just not an adrenaline rush or worthy of Hollywood. 5% routine is the maintenance of tanks and weapons. Finally, what you're left with is the account below which falls under that last 4%. This is right up there with drinking corn-syrup and Tabasco sauce, and getting into arguments with the Bridge Marines at the river because we were there for protection, not to fix their bridge. I don't know what else to say except that it's probably the most necessary Iraq-related document I've read on the internet. —HeatherYager

2007-01-23 18:06:44   Hey wiki me in under photo blog art, events and people: [WWW]

2011-03-03 09:05:09   Here's a friendly reminder; When you type something on RocWiki, please be absolutely sure that what you write is 100% true and not 100% slander. I find so many people write untrue snippets and articles. Don't ruin someones name and business because you are jealous. —Jeanine

2014-05-01 11:32:00   I am looking for a needle in a haystack, and need some help. I am searching for the drummer of a band (do not know the name of the band) that used to play at FREGY'S / CLUB 11 in/on Marion Road, in the Early 1970's. I am doing this to help a loved one. My cousin is the child of this drummer, she has never met him and is unsure if her mother ever even informed him she was pregnant. The mother will not give her, or does not have any additional information except this: His name is Randy Crawford-Crawson or last name being some thing of the like. It is believed that he is originally from Wisconsin. The mothers name is Joyce, she lived in Rochester at the time of conception.

I am also a child who did not met their biological father (until me early teens). I understand my cousins want to find and meet her biological father. She also has a daughter and would like to get her biological fathers medical history.

Any help that anyone could provide is appreciated. Please email me at - Thank you! —hknutson