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The Blue Room is a bar on the Alexander Street strip. Because I feel such ambivalance towards this establishment, I will simply list what I've observed.

The Good:

The Bad:

Overall it can be a fun place to hang out, but the management appears to be slacking a lot. —Anonymous

2005-11-24 01:25:20   Considering that their LOGO is a martini olive/glass, you'd think every bartender would have an idea of how to make them. —MariahBetz

2007-01-28 17:43:57   I dig the Blue Room. It's always pretty mellow and always a good time. The above "the bad" list is pretty accurate, though, minus the fact I saw the downstairs bar open a month or so ago. —MisterElkington

2007-01-29 09:00:29   The Blue Room used to be our regular Friday night haunt. New management has brought in a new crowd and a cover to get in. It has gone WAY downhill and we no longer bother going there. —BadFish

2007-01-29 09:37:19   I haven't been in a while, and I'm sad to hear about the new management. Last time I was near there, they were in fact charging cover. I defer to BadFish's judgement. That's too bad, though. —MisterElkington

2007-08-31 13:00:39   The Blueroom is the typical dive bar. The patio isnt too bad. —MrRochester

2008-07-07 16:54:29   I don't think they've been charging a cover recently. My issue with it is - yeah it's a dive bar kind of place, but why is no one ever there?? It's about the only place to get affordable drinks in the East/Alexander Street area. They actually have specials and that's almost unheard of on a weekend night in that line of bars.

The bathrooms need lots of help, and it's not "cool" but it's a good place to drink before going out somewhere else in that area. —SaraChristine

2009-07-22 14:12:14   Hey everyone! The blue room has new owners and is reopening Wednesday July 29 2009! There are going to be lots of drinks specials so come check it out. —kate

2009-10-18 23:58:51   This place has been comletely redone. No more issues, check it out. They have food now too and its GREEEAAAATTT. Rochester's hotspot that's keeping it real —JoeShmo