Book Centre

42 Slayton Avenue, Spencerport NY, 14559
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585 352 1890

Book Centre is a book store located in Village Plaza in Spencerport.


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2006-06-09 13:41:55   Great selection of books, but poorly organized - if you go, you'd better have some time to go through the stacks —DavidPausch

2007-08-09 11:55:57   WHAT! That's half the fun! BEST used Sci Fi selection I have ever seen. I've been shopping here since 1982, the store just always delivers. One of those situations, where you don't want to many people to know, but also don't want them to go out of business! —DanoX3

2009-11-10 12:18:15   Mike's selection of books is very good, but the organization of same has been somewhat spotty, and the place is always very densely packed - it's a store where you can easily spend a whole bunch of time in there browsing, especially if you have multiple interests, book-wise. —ScottTaylor

2012-08-11 20:28:05   Excellent book store. In addition to a huge stock of books, they also have a good selection of used movies and music. One thing to know is they don't take credit cards - cash or checks only. —MKing

2015-08-20 19:10:37   As of Aug 2015, Mike has retired (after 30+ years). The store is still open under new ownership. Some TBD changes to be expected, I'm sure. —KerryStanton

2016-04-16 16:57:01   The Book Centre is still open under new ownership. Hours are M-W 10am-6pm, Thurs-Fri 10am-8pm, Sat 10am-5pm. The shop has tons of books and organization is in progress! —MeganWeatherbee