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2007-04-11 18:51:07   you know for fast food this place is pretty cool for several reasons..#1 all the pates and utensils are recyclable. #2 you get reall veggies that arent fried potatoes. and #3 its real food and its good. give this place a shot. —JadeRaven

2007-11-22 22:26:48   Having a crummy Thanksgiving I went to Boston Market, loved the pumpkin pie I got to have as desert, and the food was great!-Henritta Location They saved me from eating left overs. —XenaLynn

2007-11-23 13:33:00   According to the D&C online, they got held up by gunpoint around 7:45pm last night...hope you weren't there at that time XenaLynn! —SaraChristine

2007-11-24 03:05:49   I believe the Greece location is now closed. —NathanHenderson