Brinks Armored Car Robbery


January 5, 1993 - A priest, an ex-cop, and a former [wikipedia]Provisional Irish Republican Army terrorist all linked together by $7.4 million armored car heist. Four men were accused of involvement: Samuel Millar, Father Patrick Moloney, former police officer Thomas O'Connor and Charles McCormick. O'Connor, a security guard at the time, was believed to be the inside man. He was acquitted by a jury. This crime was the the fifth largest armored car robbery in U.S. history.


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2007-05-19 09:39:22   I was only 7, but I remember hearing about this on the news. It was a big, big deal. —JoannaLicata

2007-05-21 10:59:14   Interesting tidbit, but perhaps things like this should be a sub page behind /News/ and this page would simply point there. —TravisOwens