BulsCorp Electronics

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Greece, NY [Directions]
Hours (as of Dec 2012)
Monday-Friday: 8:00AM-8:00PM
After-Hours and Weekends By Appointment
585 451 3605
<brendanbulson AT hotmail DOT com>

BulsCorp Electronics is a computer repair business run by Brendan Bulson that focuses on hardware repairs to a wide range of electronics. Bulscorp specializes in laptop and home entertainment diagnostics and repair. Bulscorp is able to repair the problems caused by shoddy manufacturing, spills, cracks, shorts, surges, and other causes.

Bulscorp repairs iPhone screens locally.

Also supporting networks and general computer repairs.

Pickup and delivery available.

Bulscorp can direct you to an appropriate person who can help you with your concern or question if they cannot address your repair.


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2009-02-25 23:11:03   Brandon came out to my home Saturday and helped me on a number of persistent hardware/software issues which he resolved. In cleaning my laptop we discovered the Power Jack issue and he fixed it and delivered it back to me promptly for only $60. —PeteB