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Aug 31 - Brad Mandell

Suggest changing the feature to include non-business organizations. Perhaps "Friends of RocWiki" might be a more appropriate title. The concept could be expanded to include those that wish to donate more than links.

Suggest A Friends of RocWiki page with an include file that lists each entity, the date they first linked/applied, a link to their RocWiki page, and a link to their website page containing the RocWiki Link.

A subsequent add-on to RocWiki could use the same list to randomly feature the entity on the FrontPage similar to using the RandomQuote. Under the present concept only 12 organizations a year are featured. Better to hope for more results (:>)

This change would remove any notion that RocWiki was commercial and RocWiki could remove the constraint on political organizations. As long as anyone is eligible to be a Friend Of RocWiki, then Admins don't have to make any discriminatory decisions about who is included or not except for the standards used on RocWiki, such as inappropriate content or outside the RocWiki coverage area.


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2010-08-31 09:09:07   We did discuss adding a random aspect to it at the last meeting. I think we said that it would encourage businesses to do this more if the period was consistent, if this is popular then we can increase the pace to bi-monthly or weekly. —DamianKumor

2010-08-31 15:40:03   Sorry for the delay-been very busy the first half of today. Your ideas are good and were discussed, Brad. We're keeping it simple for now as we currently only have 2 submissions. We decided not to name it Friends of RocWiki because we want to keep this strictly as a business intiative. Damian is entirely correct in saying that we discussed some type of "randomness" to this initiative but we decided as a group to keep it monthly for now subject to change later. The way it is structured now is not permanent or locked-in. We have to see how it develops. The thing we agreed on was to keep it simple. Keeping it to "businesses only" ensures no discriminatory decisions.

BRAD-a request for you. You've made some nice graphics previously. Would you make one for this that users could download and display on their own page if interested please? —PeteB