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2006-12-08 13:14:43   I have loved this restaurant in other cities but the new Rochester location fell short of my expectations. Yes, the food was still excellent and the fresh bread and olive oil and spice dipping sauce are heavenly - but the service was horrible. We arrived at exactly opening time (3pm on a Sunday) and it took the two sulky hostesses a lengthy time to acknowledge our presence and then figure out the seating chart (we got a complementary eye-rolling with seating). Our waiter performed his duties of drink bringing drinks, food, and the check well but his attitude and personality were dismal. I would say give Carrabbas some more time to develop their employees, but they had already been open over a month when we visited. —EllenKelsey

2006-12-20 15:19:28   First visit (during their first week open) was very nice, and the food was surprisingly good. Second visit, totally different experience. Server was rude, food was cold and took a while to get to us. Hostess girls in front come off like snobby Pittsford brats. Let's see if it improves over time. —JhirkFace

2007-02-26 16:34:46   Extremely dissapointed 2nd attempt. Handicapped parking had 2 non-handicapped people in it and NOONE cared! DO NOT GO HERE.. —PeteB

2007-08-17 20:33:28   Their are PLENTY of good, independent Italian restaurants in Rochester run by Italians, don't waste your time with this overpriced chain. Do yourself a favor and head to any of them for a real Italian meal that is worth your money.

We had a party of eight people celebrating a homecoming. Our server was rude and half us didn't get ground black pepper or fresh grated cheese offered to us, it was like he totally ignored one whole side of the table. The food was WAY OVERPRICED ($18 for shrimp alfredo???) as well as the drinks ($5 for bottle of Corona, $7 for a well mixed drink!). I had a pasta dish with shrimp (should be pretty easy for someone to prepare in a place like Rochester), yet my shrimp was like rubber (couldn't even cut it with my butter knife) and my pasta was soggy.

I am a die hard Rochester girl, born and raised, but even the Italian food in San Diego, where I am currently residing, is better than this trash. —MayaDriscoll

2007-08-19 03:08:05   I've enjoyed both my dining experiences at Carrabba's. Food was great both times, and the service was good. —NathanHenderson

2007-11-08 14:52:54   If you must choose a chain Italian restaurant over one of our (Too) many better Rochester Italian restaurants, this would be one to go to. The only better Italian chain I have tried would be Maggianos Little Italy. This comes in a close second. —MrRochester

2007-11-10 16:05:04   I love the food here, although all the meat is cooked with the same spices on the same grill, so no matter what dish you get it tends to have the same flavor. Very good calamari, very crisp and served with marinara. The prices are about the same as any similar chain restaurant in town. The service was good, but the staff is very young and seems to be inexperienced so I can understand how some might have bad experiences with some of the hostesses or waitstaff. —CatMagro