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2008-07-15 22:24:03   This is the copy that has me most concerned: With more than 35 years of winegrowing experience, Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery specializes in fine red and white varietals of oustanding quality. Visiting Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery, you are guaranteed a relaxed yet informative wine tasting with any one of their knowledgeable tasting staff.

It sounds like it was written by one of the owners or employees, but is unsourced. Wiki conventions allow for this sort of ad copy if it is sourced and it provides a meaningful contribution to the page. Otherwise, it needs to be re-written to maintain a neutral point of view. —DaveMahon

2008-07-15 22:29:42   The source is the Challen Family, owners of the Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery. —KidMystic

2008-07-15 23:12:55   so what just happened doesn't really help much. The quote was attributed, but as Dave said, it also needs to be useful. It's not
Ad copy, even with attribution, really isn't a good idea.

This is similar to an issue that we have been allowing for a while now - the use of what wikipedia calls [WWW]Weasel Words.

I think simply injecting an attribution here is similar to using weasel words to clean an article up.

With that in mind, I'll make an edit, and y'all can tell me what you think —EastSideStephen

2008-07-16 08:04:36   Dave and Stephen - Thanks for the heads up. This is my first time contributing content to any public Wiki so the guidance is appreciated. —KidMystic

2008-07-16 08:41:31   I assume the "over 35 years" means Cayuga Ridge has been in business for 35 years, not that 2 people have each spent 17+ years growing wine. (Or 3 people spent 12 years each, or whatever.) Please correct the entry if that's a bad assumption.

The simple way to put it would be "Founded in 1973". —RottenChester