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2010-02-21 09:22:44   There is a separate page titled Chains in Rochester which lists category pages that are already broken down by local, regional, national on the base page. This page is also a good place to put other establishments not covered elsewhere.

The Pizza and Donuts pages are in the above list page and already contain the chain breakdowns, so the pages need a link here and the individual entries deleted from this page.

Suggest that the Ice Cream page be broken down, listed on the Chains in Rochester, and that Abbotts, Coldstone, etc. not be listed here under Restaurants.

I am creating a new, separate, Fast Food page with chain categories to take care of all the fast food outlets, sub shops, etc from Arby's ...

2013-10-24 10:55:41   How does a local restaurant with two locations qualify as a chain or does it have to have at least three? —EileenF