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2006-10-02 12:17:27   Best breakfast in town - I'd tackle my own mother for the pumpkin pancakes —GordonAnderson

2007-05-04 22:01:24   Go on a Friday for the homemade mac and cheese special —LaurelAi

2007-05-05 11:28:48   this place could be cool if the waitresses didn't look like 50 something year old vegas street walkers. —RedDress

2007-05-06 11:08:36   I hate the fact that I don't like going to Charlie's, because it's such a silly reason. I really like their eggs and their oatmeal raisin pancakes are to die for. The waitresses are extremely nice and the location is cute and inviting. But here it comes — Charlie's has, quite simply, the worst coffee I have ever tasted in my life. I can tolerate pretty bad diner coffee but I've never had anything like this before — it's weak, near-boiling, bitter, and has a strange aftertaste. Try as I might, I just have trouble going out to Sunday breakfast without coffee. Does anyone else feel the same way? —RochesterGuy

2007-08-29 17:32:42   This is the restaurant that my better half just loves and adores and patronizes at just about any opportunity before noon. I don't think I've ever had a bad meal here, and the folks there know what they're doing: they cook the food well (it's not gourmet, but it's good enough I don't mind paying for it), and they deliver with a smile. Plus, the eating outside options are nice, especially on Park Avenue. I do agree that the coffee must be avoided at all costs. —KatieSchmitz

2007-09-18 18:55:44   Wow, I hope it was an off day, but this past Sunday I had what must have been close to the worst breakfast experience ever. The omelette was dry and tasteless and my g/fs Cinnamon Swirl French Toast was undercooked and egg-y. The coffee was the best part of breakfast, and unfortunately, as the rest of the posts say, must be avoided always. I hope it truly is as good as everyone else says, but I plan on
avoiding it for a little while... maybe we'll go back to try these mother tacklin' pumpkin pancakes. —GregDon

2008-03-21 08:54:42   The fritattas here are a Park Ave. staple in my opinion. The coffee...only great for a bad hangover and if you want a hairy chest. All in all I love going here and don't do as much as I should! —DianaLicata-Wright

2008-03-21 10:37:26   Charlie's is a great diner and I have always had a good breakfast here.

It is a bit cramped, so plan on sitting close to other patrons.

BTW, my waitress' have all been cute 20 year olds, all the vegas hookers must have moved back. —MrRochester

2008-10-18 23:42:02   I think the next time I come here for breakfast, I'll stop for a Starbucks or a Dunkin Donuts coffee on the way. What are they going to do if I show up with my own coffee? Not serve me? I don't think so. They are good folks here, they just have a different idea of what a good cup of coffee should taste like. If I use a "personal cup", they probably won't mind one bit and may take the hint that they serve some nasty coffee here. The food is really good, and it is such a cute little place. I Love the Frog Pond! —DrJim