Chartwell Townhouse Estates

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1 Chartwell Ct. Rochester, NY 14618 [Directions]
585 461 0220

Chartwell Townhouse Estates is an apartment complex, located in Brighton near the intersection of Edgewood Ave and French Road.

All apartments are two floor townhouses that include a finished basement.


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2009-01-07 17:43:17   I've lived at Chartwell Townhouses for over half a year so far and the experience has been a mixed bag. The apartments themselves are spacious (except for the tiny downstairs bathroom) for two people and pretty nice for the price. However the staff has been difficult to deal with. They are unresponsive to requests and are letting the outside of the apartments and parking lot decay. None of the utilities are included in the rent and parking isn't very good in most areas. —RocPat

2018-07-25 14:02:40   Horrible place to live. The area is great but this is the worst community I have ever lived in. The basement is unusable due to the amount of mold that continues to appear down there. I am told it is fixed, by spraying and wiping it away, but it manages to return. The basement has flooded multiple times, with no meaningful repair done. Service requests take days to be completed and are patch jobs. I have reported a mold issue on Sunday morning, today is Wednesday and they still have yet to address mold growing in living spaces. If you care about your health or your family, do not come here. —JasonP.