Chili Country Club

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760 Scottsville-Chili Rd, Scottsville, NY 14546 [Directions]
585 889 9325

Chili Country Club is an 18-hole semi-private golf course in Scottsville.


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2010-05-22 13:26:23   A low level Rochester course that is in pretty rough shape and not much fun to play. If you play golf in jean shorts and smoke cigarettes, this place is for you. The pro shop is a little bit of a different story. It's not pretty or clean, there are just a lot of clubs etc. Prices are decent and this is a great alternative to shop local until you run into the bitter old man - Alan or Al - I think that is what they call him. I would go here a few times a summer to check stuff out, buy wedges and have my clubs re-gripped. Not anymore because Al has been rude one too many times. This morning he was actually mean to my wife and I and put-out by a single question. We are not high maintenance or difficult. Just out on a Saturday to buy a pair of golf shoes and have her putter regripped. Al may be part of the reason why on a warm Saturday morning - the parking lot was empty. All he had to do was answer one question and ring us up, he still found it in his black heart to be annoyed and make us feel uncomfortable. This is the last straw - it's Pennfair golf for us from now on, for everything. Rude golf people are the worst, especially at a dump like Chili. —BigPun

2012-07-31 10:48:17   I hosted my wedding here. The owner is untrustworthy, the staff shiesty, and forget about hosting a wedding or party here. To my dibelief, I later found out the bartender working our rehearsal dinner propositioned my fiance for sex…. day before our 32k wedding. I am beside myself. Then the owner, Piero, broke our alcohol contract and found cheaper substitutes without letting us know. Our guests were upset because our wedding itinerary and invitations listing the details of everything, and are now wrong and confusing and the bartenders did not clarify to our guests. We found out the next day after the wedding was done. We called piero and asked why did this happen. Instead of apologizing for dropping the ball we got yelled at for not appreciating his hard work(in broken english) and he literally threatened us physically and told my husband never to show up to his golf course again. he then left us a peculiar email stating ” its a lot safer to make friends than enemies….” hmmmm doesnt quite sound like a mentally stable trustworthy person to conduct business with. in a nutshell, MONEY HUNGRY IMMIGRANT WITH QUESTIONABLE MORALITY AND EVEN WORSE BUSINESS ETHICS!!!! THANK YOU CHILI COUNTRY CLUB FOR A DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET! My wedding was in may 2012.... reading this other review below, this business has hit a deadend. BOYCOTT!!!!!