Rochestarian Robert Sotile created The Buddy System, aka the "conedom."

In one of the more hilarious interview segments on The Daily Show, Vance DeGeneres interviewed the inventor of this ice cream cone condom. Vance asked questions such as if the conedom reduced sensitivity and suggested an alternative to the conedom might be to boil the ice cream.

Visit their sometimes unintentionally funny web site at [WWW] and learn the [WWW]history of the invention. You'll either be amused or disgusted (or both):

... The problem is one that for a consumer is legally actionable—food mishandling. A consumer could contract staph viruses, or diarrhea. As well, ingesting bacteria that comes from hands that have touched money can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome. Additionally, money is dirty—it can have trace cocaine, fecal matter, germs, etc. ...