Country Club Diner

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1743 East Avenue Rochester, NY 14610 [Directions]
Hours (as of April 2010 per phone call)
Daily: 6:00AM to 3:00PM
585 271 7710
[WWW]2007-02-13 EatOutRochester Review

Country Club Diner is a diner in Culver/University/East, featuring classic 80’s diner decor.


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2007-06-22 16:29:34   I went there this week. I had the meatloaf dinner. The salad was iceberg lettuce with a couple basic veggies on it. The meatloaf wasn't so great, the taters were weak, and the portions looked small on the huge platter. They forgot my roll and butter, but I didn't bother to mention it. The place was clean and the staff was friendly, but I don't think I'd go back. Just not what I am looking for. Maybe I should've tried a breakfast instead. —DanDangler

2009-01-08 13:27:02   Breakfast here is excellent. They have a great selection of omelets and always have interesting specials. The waitresses are always nice, and the service has never suffered even when the place is packed (which seems like every time we go.) We will be back soon! —Petey

2009-01-08 16:01:48   I remember that this place was open 24 hours back in the late 70s and that the owner was always there no matter when you went. It also had a bar. I haven't been in a long time, but I remember it fondly. —RxScabin

2009-06-03 07:58:41   I have eaten here many times, and the food is consistently good. The service ranges from competent to charming ("How are youens?") But the fly in the ointment is this: they are never NOT showing Fox News on both TVs. I have tolerated this, but no more. Not when the ludicrous has given way to the murderous. I declare this restaurant quarantined: for what I mean by that, watch this [WWW]

2009-06-30 07:53:47   They play Fox News all the time ??? I'll have to go more often. As long as I don't have to watch liberals like Olbermann, spew their venomous bile. It would be unsettling to the appetite to watch somebody praising evil. —TomButler

2009-06-30 17:29:23   Your standard greasy spoon diner... No more, no less. Breakfasts are their specialty. Omelets come in the typical varieties found at the majority of similar restaurants: Western, Greek, Mexican, Cheese, etc. The staff has always been friendly and competent. Still, there is nothing that fires this place to the front of my brain when I think of breakfast. —BatGuano

2009-08-05 15:25:38   ok. nothing great. nothing bad to say. —limeylimer

2011-07-23 14:02:52   I ordered a broccoli ham and cheese omlette this morning off the special board it was 7.00 I tasted three bites and realized that something wasn't right about it and had the others I was with try it and it was bad, so I nicely asked my waitress, who by the way is just a sweet heart! To send it back to the kitchen and asked if the could remake it without the broccoli.. They sent her back to our table with my food, and told me that everything was fresh and to deal with it!! After sitting on it for a while I took the plate up to the register and nicely explained that I was not happy with the food and the treatment I had just received and asked to have it taken off my bill, the owner's son grabbed the plate from my hands and threw it in the trash sputtering some insults in Greek, to which I did not appreciate! Then they refused to credi my bill... They just got their last ounce of hard earned cash from my pocket... —GaryDuQuette

2011-10-21 09:40:55   coffee is really weak and bad. the eggs and bread are just ok. Will not go back! —margaretjackson

2012-09-08 18:17:12   Closed. Probably because the had Fox News all the time. That's enough to keep me away! —NewtonNola

2012-09-09 18:32:36   Hello. Country Club was open this morning and I ate there yesterday. It doesn't seem closed. —bigpun