Country Club Family Restaurant

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535 Main St, Medina NY, 14103 [Directions]
Hours (as of April 2010 per phone call)
Monday - Sunday: 24 hours
585 798 4072
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The Country Club Family Restaurant is a diner and full service restaurant on the main street in the Village of Medina open 24/7. A popular breakfast, lunch, and dinner spot for the area,

They serve a full breakfast menu, a variety of entrees with some Greek dishes, lots of sandwich and wrap selections as well as soups and salads.


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2009-12-04 18:19:43   One of those great "family restaurants" to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Courteous staff, reasonable prices and an extensive menu to choose from. Stopped there today for lunch - three nice pieces of fish, plenty of fries and big cole slaw for $6.95. A local artist has hand painted a wonderful mural around the entire dining room. Highly recommended also by our resident Medina family members. —BradMandell