Creature Comfort Pet Sitters

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1374 Allen Road, Penfield NY 14526 [Directions]
Hours (as of September 2009)
Call or Email for Scheduling
585 872 9190
<inquiry AT ccpetsitters DOT com> -Perspective Clients
<scheduling AT ccpetsitters DOT com> -Current Clients
Ned Stromfeld

Creature Comfort Pet Sitters is a pet care business that will provide in-home care for your pets when you are out of town or need assistance.

[WWW]Messenger Post article on the owner and an upcoming book about the business.


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2010-01-04 15:55:39   Creature Comforts are excellent petsitters. When I travel, one of the staff comes by each day to feed and pay attention to my two cats, and to clean the litter. They have been helpful and professional. —Snowbag

2010-01-04 15:58:11   We've used them 30 times since November 2009 and they've been simply outstanding! They have exceeded our expectations! —PeteB

2011-03-29 10:38:32   As a prospective new customer I called several times over the course of 5 days, always getting voicemail. Left two messages and followed up with an email inquiry. Never received any response. Fortunately I was able to make other arrangements, which proved to be satisfactory, but I'm curious whether these folks are actually still in business. —MarkJackson

2011-07-11   We are completely satisfied. We've used them for 12 occassions in 2011 already and could not be more pleased. —PeteB

2011-09-12 20:46:01   Like the writer above, I *was* a prospective new customer looking for pet sitting for later this month, with hopefully more visits to follow. First, I left a voice mail, and ... I heard nothing back (their message spoke of new clients, so it sure sounded like they were accepting inquiries). I followed up with email several days later, and ... again, no response. They can't be bothered to respond to inquiries? A simple, "we have our hands full with the business we have, yet thanks," response would have been greatly appreciated. —LizDee

2011-09-16 02:08:45   I have used this company for years and they have always been reliable and prompt and I have always been happy with their work. But something is very peculiar recently as it seems that they are not responding to emails or phone messages within the past few weeks as I have been trying to schedule some
new dates. —moonrayz

2011-12-11 16:09:07   Did successfully get in touch with CCPS and was very happy with their services 2 months ago as I have been for many years. But now facing same issue again—not able to get a response either by phone or email for more than week and phone voice mail box appears to be full. Ugh. —moonrayz

2011-12-13 11:57:36   Thanks Pete. I do hope Ned is well—that sounds like it could explain the situation. I'm still trying. At least his voice mail is no longer full so it seems there is some activity now. Hopefully he is catching up with his messages and paperwork. —moonrayz

2013-05-16 08:22:00   Like some(many) of the others - No one seems to want to respond to inquiries to request a sitter. I am a new customer. From reading here, seems like it happens a lot and there is always some excuse. So 3 emails and 3 voice mails seems more than adequate attempts. I guess I will have to now scramble to find someone to use next week —lindawilson

2015-12-08 12:41:12   Could anyone on here assist with getting in touch with Ned? I've left a couple of voicemails and sent emails. Thanks! —BrittanyRourke