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This page is where differences in opinions about RocWiki pages are resolved, and notes are left from one contributor to another related to content.

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2005-09-20 07:15:51   A rocwiki field trip to the Autumn Festival of Ales is in order. —JayUnnikrishnan

2005-09-20 11:48:15   Agreed. —TobinFricke

2007-07-16 21:25:41   This place supplied the beer to the caterer for my brother's 7/12 wedding and it was phenomenal! —PeteB

2008-06-15 08:32:39   Custom brew and root beer can also be found at this local winery: [WWW] I recognized that it was custom brew as soon as I saw the diamond shaped tap and Fireman Root Beer!!! They have a Riesling Ale, which is said to be the first of it's kind. It is very tasty!! —MikeDixon

2009-11-03 22:45:01   They have the best root beer around, beats Tom Whal's if I dare say. My father's business, Honeoye Falls Millwork makes all of those custom wood tap handles. —Skierarc