Daniel Penfield

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Birth name Aliases
Daniel Penfield None
Birth date Birth place
April 25, 1759 Guilford, CT USA
Date of death Place of death
August 24, 1840 Penfield, NY
Known for
Founding Penfield, Revolutionary War veteran
Land-owner, merchant

Daniel Penfield purchased a Western NY parcel of land on February 4, 1795 which later became the beginnings of the Town of Penfield. Penfield built his homestead in 1811 and "the house still stands today at 1784 Penfield Road [Directions]. Over the years, he built or controlled several mills on Irondequoit Creek, including a sawmill, grist mill, distillery, ashery, oil mill, soap mill, clothing mill, and tannery." 1

Daniel was married to Mary Fellows in 1784 and both of them are buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Penfield.



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