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The Day Trips page is a great idea and we should promote folks to writeup some of their newfound treasures in day-tripping.

However, the page could get very dense (already) and user-unfriendly quickly. One suggestion would be to create separate pages for some of them - either directly or as Day Trips/tripname. Not sure if RocWiki prefers to stay mostly "flat" or create some hierarchical structure for structured entries. THOUGHTS??

When consensus is reached, I will help do some of the breakout. BradMandell


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2013-10-20 11:24:00   With questions having being raised about the local/regional focus of this wiki, I have to wonder about the appropriateness of featuring such "day trips" as Centralia and Millersburg Ferry on this page. At ~240 miles (one way) from ROC, halfway across another state, these seem like extreme "day trips". Letchworth, Finger Lakes, and Niagara Falls seem to be more appropriate to feature. —jgerek

2013-10-20 15:22:47   I think Day Trips can fall outside the region covered by the RocWiki, but they should still be close enough so that people can have both a comfortable visit and a round trip in a single day. Maybe 150 miles maximum. —EileenF